George Karkoulias, Director of the Workshops of the Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece

The Metal Processing Unit of LIGHTHOUSE FOR THE BLIND OF GREECE, represents a pioneer unit, where blind and partially sighted individuals pass from manual production into the industrial production, opening new possibilities in order to achieve their professional rehabilitation.
The operation of this unit began in 1983, within the framework of educational programs for visually-impaired individuals in Engineering and Electrical Technology. As an instructor was the present director Mr. G.Karkoulias The production process began in 1985, and concerned the manufacture of pointing plates for the Public Power Corporation, as well as components of the arming systems of Hellenic Arms Industry , while at the same time equipping and operating the silk screen and metallization departments. In this particular year special concern was given to the attraction of future customers and to the expansion of the Unit. New customers join the Lighthouse of the Blind due to Mr.Karkoulias' personal connections and the efforts of all the members of the Board.
In 1996 they acquired their license from the Ministry of Industry while continuing the upgrade of their equipment and the education of its workers. Their customers include companies such as SIEMENS, EVIOP-TEMPO ,BSH , ELSA and FRIGOGLASS with whom their collaboration has resulted in the first exports to Romania and Nigeria.
The Metal Work Unit undertakes and executes orders for companies in the Public and Private Sector.
It is housed in modern facilities and employs 10 blind individuals. Additional employees are hired when there is increased order flow. The production process follows the Quality Assurance System (ELOT EN ISO 9002 - Code No 02 17.06/458/24.11.98.)
Its up-to-date equipment as well as its high-level trained technical staff succeeds in having lower costs and high-level quality products, 4-way steel composite, motor base exhaust support, Brass Tape 95, 115 310 mm, OYTEKO Heating element lid, Grate clips or cooling chamber, wooden pin etc.

Metal Work Unit's products:
White walking stick/cane .For the Public Power Corporation : column signs, warning/danger sign, column warning/danger sign, rejected column sign, indoor maintenance sign and timing pinion.

For the Hellenic Arms Industry S.A.-accessories : Guide for spring cartridge booster, Magazine safety plate, Bottom magazine, Rear scope base, Forearm deflector.

Other accessories for different companies: Cooling Brake, Sealing Brake, Cornice, Cornice with hook, Support angle, Air duct resistance unit, Type V No 1 and 2 supports.

Our Equipment consists mainly of:
Hydraulic press, cutting and drilling machines, hydraulic machines and tools, welding machines, pipe cutting machines, silkscreen equipment, smoothing and part washers, measurement equipment, thermal elaboration equipment , Lathes, milling machine, grinding machines, platters, serigraphers, grease extractors, mechanic presses, Tube cutters and automatic material feeders etc.