Tell people across Europe of our achievements.

The European Blind Union website is offering you the opportunity to tell visually impaired people, employers and policy makers across Europe about the huge range of jobs undertaken by visually impaired people.

There are two ways your country can take part:

1. Provide us with web-links to your own national websites that provide information about jobs that visually impaired people are doing;


2. Provide some examples that will be included on the main EBU website. You can look at some current examples by going to: . If you have some examples, we need them in a specific format in English. But the amount of information is short and should not be difficult to provide. The format details are below. We would also welcome digital photographs wherever possible. Please send your examples to and quote "EBU Employment Website" in the subject line.

If you are attending the conference in Cyprus, Penny will be there talking about the website, taking inputs direct and helping with any translation problems.

Take this opportunity to tell others about the success of visually impaired people at work in your country - that employment is possible, fulfilling and helps with independence.

Template for Examples of Jobs

Source Country:

Is individual totally blind? Yes/No.

Is individual partially sighted? Yes/No

Job Title - assume 100 characters maximum.

Job Description - concise outline of role and duties in job including where possible, individual's first name (assume 300 characters maximum).

Getting the job - details of training, experience etc needed (assume 200 characters maximum).

Adjustment - Adaptations used by the visually impaired person to undertake the work (assume 300 characters maximum).

Quote - from the individual, employer or a customer as appropriate that talks about how well the individual does the job (assume 200 characters maximum).

Photograph - or illustrative graphic if no photograph available.