A Golden Standard of Rehabilitation

Unn Ljoner Hagen Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted

Un convention on the rights of persons with dissabilities

  • Article 26: Habilitation and rehabilitation
  • "State Parties shall take effective and appropriate measures, including through peer support, to enable persons with dissabilities to attain and maintain t heir maximum independence, full physical, mental, social and vocational ability, and full inclusion and participation in all aspects of life"

European Council

St. Petersburg Declaration: Improve the quality of life for people with dissabilities

What is Rehabilitation

a process, or set of processes which is planned with a well-defines goals and means, where several professions or services cooperate in assisting the individual user in his or her efforts to achieve best possible functioning and coping capabilities, and promoting independence and participation in society.

What is a Golden Standard of Rehabilitation for VIPs?

  • Basic, elementary rehabilitation:
  • 1 Physical rehabilitation
  • 2 Functional rehabilitation
  • 3 Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Mobility, transports
  • Learning braille, ADL, technical devices
  • Peer work, councelling

Why is this necessary?
Why define a Golden Standard?

A tool to compensate for loss of function in daily life
A tool to seek and maintain employment
A tool to lobby for equal rights!

EBU challenges

  • to limit the gap between the western and eastern states
  • to clearify the need of rehabilitation to the European governments
  • to seek a legal right to rehabilitation for all VIPs in Europe, no matter which country you live in
  • to define a minimum standard that all VIPs can demand from their community
  • Asvocate for rehabilitation as a tool to demand equality in daily life and employment

Good examples:

  • Esthonia: Legal right to rehabilitation
  • Croatia. Use culture to express their needs and their existence
  • Spain: Use economic power to gain social status
  • France, Britain and Germany: Showing role-models in leadership as well being no. one in the reaseach development
  • Norway: Advanced service in delivery of technical devices, absolutely free for the user.
  • Sweden: First female president of the WBU!